Smart Farmer – AgriBolo Farmer

Date : 04.October.2018

India, going through a technological transformation is a country that has adopted the latest technology for the betterment of society. The transformation effect can be seen in all walks of the society. Agriculture is no exception, where technology has done wonders to this sector, which is the backbone of Indian economy. Agriculturists are fast in adapting technology that gives them information about the latest development in the sector. They want to know about the latest weather report, the latest national and local rates of your produce, latest equipment, best seeds available, the latest trends in agriculture etc.

The smartphone revolution in the country has eased accessibility to the required information in one tap of a button. Why agriculturists be left out? They too need vital information on their hands regarding their trade. They want access to a call centre like facility where they can air the problems to get an accurate solution. They want to lay hands upon an application that provides knowledge about the latest technology used in country and abroad. They want to know about the best storage facilities to store their produce to avail higher prices, to know about the agricultural equipment that will ease their job. They want knowledge about alternative methods of earning. The progressive farmer of India is no more a conventional agriculturist, he has converted himself into a farmer cum trader and he no longer wants dependency of middlemen.

To overcome these and other problems faced by farmers, there is a one-stop solution. AgriBolo, an app dedicated to the farmers provides answers to agro problems faced by agriculturists. AgriBolo is accessible not only through smartphone but can be reached through the franchise, call centre, ground sales team and social media platforms such as Facebook, Linked in etc.

Through AgriBolo, farmers can buy and rent agricultural equipment at a reasonable cost, they can have a higher price of their produce through E-Mandi, can keep their produce in warehouses to get best rates. AgriBolo helps the farmer in Poly House and Green House techniques of agriculture under the able guidance of agriculture technicians and many more services for the empowerment of farmers.


AgriBolo app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or can be reached through Toll-Free No. 1800 1200 800. AgriBolo has franchise across the rural areas where the farmers can make a contact and avail the benefits.