About Us

About us:


We aim at becoming a unique Socio-Technical Enterprise, that is recognized by all the stakeholders for its Inclusiveness, Innovation, and Ethical Business practices throughout its value chain, and thereby creating a universal and alternative solution for the farmer’s persistent plight. Know more about us and download our app for best experience- http://bit.ly/2fwK98b


To increase the technical, economic, social, leadership skills and knowledge of farmers by helping them to become organized in their sector and create a decentralized extension and market linkages model that is transparent, accountable and sustainable.


Agribolo is an initiative by AgriLife Technologies Private Limited, a symbiosis of Farmers and Professionals in the field of Agriculture, Technology, Research, Finance and Marketing, having culminated into a vision and mission of creating a unique and sustainable solution for the entire agri-ecosystem at large through a simple mobile phone interface.