• What Are Some Alternatives & Supplements To Chemical Seed Treatment Process
    Over the past few decades, many new technological advancements have helped farmers gain higher yields, deter pests and increase their earnings. One of these developments is seed treatments. And although seed treatments have important benefits, they also pose certain risks. One of these is the risk of accidental exposure of workers who produce or apply
  • What is Seed Treatment and What Are Its Benefits
    Since ancient times, farmers have been battling diseases and insect pests that could potentially ruin a good harvest. But when the methodologies of seed treatment started to develop, they added a new weapon in their arsenal to combat them. Usually, seed treatments might not be needed if you are growing your crop in favourable conditions.
  • What is Mixed Farming and What Are Its Advantages
    Mixed farming is an agricultural system in which a farmer conducts different agricultural practice together. Not to be confused with mixed cropping where a farmer plants two or more types of crops simultaneously in the same field, here the aim is to increase income through different sources and to complement land and labour demands across
  • How The Internet of Things is Helping Digitalise Agriculture in India
    In the next few decades, the farming industry will arguably become more important than ever. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the world will need to produce 50% more food in 2050 than it does now in order to feed the growing population of the Earth. Almost the same margin would hold true
  • How will GST impact the agriculture sector?
    The much talked about GST (Goods & Service Tax) was finally rolled out by the government on the midnight of June 30th. For a simpler understanding, GST is basically a single comprehensive tax levied on goods and services consumed in the country. And like in any other tax reform, agriculture, the most vital and vulnerable
  • Smart Farmer – AgriBolo Farmer
    India, going through a technological transformation is a country that has adapted the latest technology for the betterment of society. The transformation effect can be seen in all walks of the society. Agriculture is no exception, where technology has done wonders to this sector, which is the backbone of Indian economy. Agriculturists are fast in
  • The Current State of Indian Agriculture System
    Indian Agriculture sector is changing the social-economic environments of population due to liberalization and globalization. About 75% people are living in rural areas and are still dependent on Agriculture. About 43% of India’s geographical area is used for agricultural activity. It provides about 65% of the livelihood, accounts for 27% of GDP, contributes 21% of
  • Agriculture in India and Agribolo
    Agribolo Kisan, Smart Kisan! India is going through a technological transformation. Different sectors of the country are adapting quickly to the latest advancement in technology for accelerated growth and general betterment of society. Agriculture in India is no exception. Being the backbone of our economy, the sector has always welcomed technology with open arms, which
  • Wha is Agro e-trading platform?
    Agro e-trading is the procedure that involves farmer and the traders those are brought together using an electronic platform so that each is benefited during an interaction. On an e-trading platform, the bids are placed on the respective farm produces. The complete procedure leads to the following advantages:- Reduced costs- Communicating over a technical platform